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Our Products

Wylie Seeds carries a full line of certified oil seeds, cereals and pulses.
Corteva (Pioneer) canola and soybeans are also an important part of our portfolio.


AAC Starbuck VB

Canada Western Red Spring Wheat

Top yielding in wheat in Sask Seed Guide 2021

  • 118% of check

  • MR rating for fusarium

  • Best overall disease package in HRSW
AAC Cameron VB

AAC Cameron has been the top wheat on our farm for two years. It has very good straw strength, is taller than some varieties and it’s easy to thrash.

  • Highest yielding CWRS wheat in all provinces with significantly better loding resistance
  • Best FHB resistance and lowest DON accumulation in MB Ag study
  • Resistance to leaf and stem rust, midge tolerant
  • Varietal blend with Carberry for midge-susceptible refuge
  • Included in the Warburtons contracting program
  • Awned
AAC Viewfield

AAC Viewfield is the shortest CWRS and stands poker straight, making production and harvest a breeze. It’s a top yielder with good resistance to fusarium head blight (FHB) and sprouting. AAC Viewfield is a high yielding, stand-up bet for all areas of Western Canada.

  • Top of class in standability, easy to harvest
  • Semi-dwarf and shortest CWRS available
  • Very high yielding; up to 109%* of the check
  • Intermediate to FHB; a strong base for a fusarium IPM system
  • Good sprouting resistance for high grain quality
CDC Landmark

It’s not just a top yielder, it’s the whole package. CDC Landmark VB is the first midge tolerant wheat that is ultra high yielding, semi-dwarf, and protects against fusarium head blight. This isn’t just a slam dunk for midge tolerant wheats, it’s a great replacement for all CWRS wheats. CDC Landmark VB really has it all.

  • Top-in-class yield; up to 113%* of the check
  • Wheat midge tolerant 
  • Leading standability in a varietal blend
  • Semi-dwarf and semi-solid stem 
  • Intermediate to FHB; a strong base for a fusarium IPM system


CDC Haymaker

CDC Haymaker is a spring oat with high forage yield potential and forage quality. CDC Haymaker also has improved grain quality and grain yield compared to CDC Baler. CDC Haymaker as has large plump seed with high seed weight.

  • 7% higher forage yield than CDC Baler
  • Good forage quality with improved digestibility
  • Tall stature with late maturity
  • Large plump seed


AAC Connect

2-Row Malting Barley
Best FHB resistance in its class with superior yield and short, strong straw

  • Malt quality similar to AC Metcalfe, with higher malt extract and friability
  • Short, strong straw
  • Heavier and plumper kernels
CDC Platinum Star

CDC PlatinumStar contains the LOXISTAR™ characteristic, and is exclusively under an identity preserved conctract.

  • CDC Copeland with the LOXISTAR™ characteristic
  • Extends the shelf-life of beer
  • Low malt peeling vs. check varieties
  • Exclusive to Sapporo Breweries in Japan
  • Prairie Malt can sell elsewhere in North America
  • Best FHB resistance in its class
CDC Copeland

“Recommended” status from the Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre

  • 16% higher yield than Harrington, 2% higher yield than Manley (1996 – 1998 Coop Trials) 
  • 3 days earlier maturing than Manley (1 day later than Harrington)
  • Moderate resistance to net blotch (similar to Manley)
  • Better stem rust resistance than Manley and Harrington
  • Excellent malting quality
CDC Maverick

2 Row Feed and Forage Barley

  • Smooth awned for improved palatability
  • Large plump grain with high test weight, kernel weight and protein
  • MR to stem rust
  • Intermediate resistance to FHB and DON accumulation


KWS Bono

Yields over 137% of the checks without added fertilizer. Has hybrid advantage for improved grain quality for milling, distilling, fuel and feed.

  • Market-leading yields
  • Very good lodging resistance
  • Short stature, easy to harvest
  • Uniform gran sample for consistent grain quality
  • Higher falling numbers for improved milling access


CDC Spectrum

Yellow Field Pea

CDC Spectrum is a high yielding yellow cotyledon, semi-leafless field pea with improved yield potential, good lodging tolerance and powdery mildew resistance.

  • Proven performer
  • Steady yield
AAC Carver

The perfect package – very high yields and early maturity.

  • A yellow field pea suited to every area and situation
  • Very good yields
  • Early maturity
  • Large seed size


CDC Proclaim

CDC Proclaim is a high-yielding small red lentil that is a Clearfield tolerant variety. Similar to CDC Maxim, this variety is higher yielder with a plumper seed well-suited to the Dark Brown and Brown soil zone regions that produce red lentils.

  • Improved yield
  • Clearfield tolerant
  • Moderate resistance to ascochyta and anthracnose
  • Similar in days to flower, height and size of CDC Maxim
  • Thicker seed more suitable for dehulling


Pioneer Soybeans

Growers appreciate the consistent top performance of Pioneer® brand soybean varieties. That’s why they’ve planted more acres to Pioneer soybeans than any other brand for over 20 years running.


Pioneer Canola

Pioneer® brand canola hybrids are bred to deliver top performance. Our genetics are fine-tuned to deliver top yields in a variety of growing conditions. Put the right product on the right acre to help you reach your goals.


Pioneer Corn

Put Pioneer’s lineup of top-performing corn products to work on your farm. Wylie Seeds is ready to help you place the right product on the right acre to maximize your yield and profitability.