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Wylie Seeds carries a full line of certified oil seeds, cereals and pulses.
Corteva (Pioneer) canola and soybeans are also an important part of our portfolio.


AAC Starbuck VB

AAC Starbuck VB is a semi-dwarf CWRS with excellent grain yield, high protein, good straw strength, lower FHB and DON accumulation, plus it’s tolerant to the Orange wheat blossom midge.

  • 114% of the grain yield of AC® Carberry
  • Semi-dwarf with height similar to AC® Carberry
  • Moderately resistant to FHB, low DON accumulation
  • Moderately resistant to leaf rust, stripe rust and loose smut
AAC wheatland VB

AAC Wheatland VB is a semi-dwarf CWRS with excellent grain yield, high protein and excellent straw strength, plus it’s tolerant to the Orange wheat blossom midge.

  • 112% of the grain yield of AC® Carberry
  • Semi-dwarf with height similar to AC® Carberry
  • Excellent lodging tolerance, better than AC® Carberry
  • Good sprouting resistance
  • Resistant to stem rust, leaf rust and loose smut
  • Moderately resistant to bunt
  • Good milling characteristics including high falling number during registration trials
AAC Hodge VB

AAC Hodge VB is a NEW midge tolerant CWRS that will set new yield expectations for the Western Canadian grower. This variety was the highest yielding CWRS ever to be registered to date. Extremely strong standability and an exceptional disease package including an ‘MR’ for FHB and ‘R’ for all other priority one diseases. This variety has high performance with high yields and high levels of protection.

  • Highest yielding CWRS registered; 116%* of Carberry
  • Top-in-class standability
  • Excellent disease package
    • ‘MR’ for FHB, ‘R’ to all other priority one diseases
  • Wheat midge tolerant
AAC Hockley VB

AAC Hockley, the next generation in genetic potential offering consistent high yields and improved grain protein. This semi-dwarf variety has industry-leading standability, significantly better than all checks and can stand up to an intensive fertilizer management plan. The disease package is excellent, with ‘MR’ or better for all priority one diseases including FHB.

  • Consistently high yields
  • Industry-leading standability
  • Short semi-dwarf
  • Good protein
  • Unsurpassed disease package
AAC Viewfield

AAC Viewfield is a top yielding, short, semi-dwarf CWRS with leading sprout tolerance and highest standability ratings. It stands poker straight, making production and harvest a breeze. AAC Viewfield has a good disease package including good resistance to FHB and has been praised for its good colour retention through recent difficult harvests.

  • Top of class in standability, easy to harvest
  • Semi-dwarf and shortest CWRS available
  • Very high yielding; up to 109%* of the check
  • Intermediate to FHB; a strong base for a fusarium IPM system
  • Good sprouting resistance for high grain quality
AAC Leroy VB

AAC LeRoy VB is a NEW Midge Tolerant CWRS that makes a significant step forward for yield potential in CWRS.  With an MR for FHB and improved lodging resistance AAC LeRoy VB will be an exciting variety for western Canadian wheat growers.

  • AAC LeRoy VB raises the standard for CWRS yields, with yields of 13% more than Carberry and 10% over Unity in registration trials
  • MR for FHB
  • Sm1 Resistance


CDC Haymaker

Forage oat with higher forage and grain yield than CDC Baler. Showy plant produces large, plump seed with high seed weight

Grown across eastern and western Canada

  • 7% higher forage yield than CDC Baler
  • Good forage quality with improved digestibility
  • Tall stature with late maturity
  • Large plump seed


cdc FRASER *New*

Two-row malting barley with improved yield potential and excellent lodging resistance. Malt enzyme profile between AC Metacalfe and CDC Copeland. Adapted to western Canada 

  • 114% higher yield than AC Metcalfe (2012 &
    2013 Coop Trials)
  • Straw strength greater than the checks including
  • Grain protein 8/10% lower than AC Metcalfe,
    similar to CDC Copeland
  • Low malt β-glucan,
  • Kernel weight greater than the malt checks
  • Higher % plump kernels than the checks
  • Resistant to loose smut and stem rust
cdc churchill *New*

CDC Churchill is a very high yielding strong strawed two-row malting barley with lower grain protein than AC Metcalfe, CDC Copeland and AAC Synergy and overall excellent agronomic package.

  • Yield 117% of AC Metcalfe and 103% of AAC
    Synergy (2015 & 2016 Registration Trials)
  • Straw strength greater than the malt checks AC Metcalfe, AAC Synergy and CDC Copeland
  • 4cm shorter than AC Metcalfe
  • Low grain protein and malt β-glucan (similar to AAC Synergy)
  • Moderately resistant to stem rust, netted net
    blotch and spotted net blotch

CDC GoldStar is a two-row malting barley that contains the LOXISTAR™ characteristic and is offered exclusively under an identity-preserved contract.

CDC GoldStar is the latest addition to the LOXless malting barley varieties offered by CANTERRA SEEDS. Due to this unique characteristic, these varieties offer an improved shelf life of the end product (beer). CDC GoldStar has a similar malting profile to CDC Copeland and is intended for craft malting.

  • Malt quality fit for all-malt craft brewing, with lower protein content and enzyme activity.
  • Exclusive to Sapporo Breweries in Japan with contracts offered by Prairie Malt.
  • High yield and good disease resistance package.
AAC Connect

Great yield potential and excellent malt quality attributes.

Best FHB resistance in its class with superior yield and short, strong straw.

  • High yielding
  • Short, strong straw
  • Heavier and plumper kernels
  • Higher malt extract and friability
  • Lower wort viscosity and beta glucan content
  • Malt quality similar to AC Metcalfe
  • Included on the CMBTC variety recommended list
CDC Maverick

Two-row forage barley with smooth awns and CDC Cowboy parentage. High forage yield potential, and very large plump grain with high test weight

Ideally suited to lower input management and areas with lighter soils or drought conditions but will produce top forage yields under almost all conditions across Western Canada

  •  Smooth awned for improved palatability
  • Large plump grain with high test weight, kernel weight and protein
  • MR to stem rust
  • Intermediate resistance to FHB and DON



KWS Trebiano contains the KWS Pollen Plus® trait, leading to higher pollen shedding and reduced ergot. Chosen for its market-leading reduction in ergot and exceptionally high yields, this hybrid produces high quality product for the grain market.

  • Best ergot resistance available
  • Contains KWS Pollen Plus® trait
  • High yields, 130%* of Hazlet
  • Short straw
  • Excellent standability
  • Best in grain quality


CDC Spectrum

CDC Spectrum is a high yielding yellow cotyledon, semi-leafless field pea with improved yield potential, good lodging tolerance and powdery mildew resistance.

  • 11% higher yield compared to the mean of the yellow checks CDC Golden and Agassiz
  • Better lodging resistance than the checks
  • Powdery mildew resistant
AAC Carver

The perfect package – high yields and early maturity.

  • A field pea suited to every area and situation
  • Very good yields
  • Early maturity
  • Large seed size



CDC Simmie CL is the highest yielding small red lentil overall. It yields 109% of check in brown and dark brown soil zones and 103% in the black and dark gray soil zones. It has comparable agronomic and disease resistance characteristics to CDC Maxim CL and is plump which is beneficial for dehulling and milling.

  • High yield compared to CDC Maxim
  • Imidazolinone tolerance