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Our Story



Wylie Seeds is a family-owned pedigreed seed farm in west central Saskatchewan, 14 kilometres south of Biggar. We have farmed and operated businesses in the area since 1947, and entered the pulse and cereal seed sector in 1995.


Wylie Seeds is a select seed grower. We consider ourselves partners in the success of our clients. We operate an accredited seed plant and strive to provide quality seed products and agronomic services that help our clients achieve their goals. A major expansion launched in 2016 when we added colour sorting and extra storage. The addition of a G4 systems means fast and efficient seed treatment. We’ve also increased the number of seed varieties to ensure we meet the diverse needs of our clients.


Wylie has partnered with the top seed companies in Western Canada (Secan, Canterra, FP Genetics, Alliance) to ensure we provide the top varieties of cereals, pulses, canola, corn and soybeans. Our high quality and variety of certified seeds and agronomic advice ensure we can help our region’s farmers make decisions that improve their crops, and their bottom line overall.


“We know it because we grow it.”