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Wylie Seed Treating

Seed treating is fast and accurate with the G4 system. A full line of Syngenta products is available.

Blue Tag – quality advantage over bin-run seed means higher yields, pure germination and lower risk of disease.

“We know it because we grow it.”

Wylie Barley Demonstration Trials

Wylie Seeds continues to test new genetics every season to determine their suitability for West Central Saskatchewan. We work with maltsters and brewing companies to test new barley varieties. Contact Dave to discuss the results of these trials.

2020 malt barley demonstration– eight varieties.

Dale Wylie at the barley demonstration plot.

We compared conventional input with intensive crop management systems.

Wylie Wheat Demonstration Trials

Our wheat trials include new genetics from all Canadian cereal seed providers. In 2021, our wheat demonstration trials will be expanded.

AAC Starbuck VB showed promising results in our trials.

Beyond the Seed Agronomy Division
Pioneer Hybrid

Leah Grasdal heads up the agronomic services through Beyond the Seed at Wylie Seeds. She is a Professional Agrologist with an invaluable awareness of local conditions as she scouts the area regularly and runs her own farm south of Biggar. The seed industry is changing rapidly. Leah stays on top of new seed technology so that she can keep our clients informed.

How can Leah help? Ask her about:




Crop Pests




Seeding practices


Best management practices


Harvest management



100′ truck scale on-site

Fast load outs shorten wait times.